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Reiki Testimonials

Collected here are Reiki testimonials and kind words from people around the world who have liked what we do at California Reiki.

 “thank you to all of you” 

“My class with Kerri was excellent. She was informative, helpful, patient, and very nice. I enjoyed learning more about Reiki and practicing it with my classmates. I'm looking forward to taking Level 2 with her!”
— Missy, California

“I really enjoyed Kerri's Level 1 class. She's such a nice woman and was really passionate about reiki.”
— Amber, California

“I had a great time!”
— Breanna, California

“The class was wonderful. Kerri is great! I'll probably take the Reiki II with her in July”
— Luciana, California

“It was great and I will schedule again with Jenna as soon as I come back from out of town thank you so much she was so professional, kind, and made me feel so welcomed”
— Lucy, California

“This was my first session, so I had no real expectations. I went in open to the experience and enjoyed my session very much. Jenna was very welcoming and her feedback at the end of the session was helpful. I believe she's developing strong skills in sense as she was fairly accurate with her feedback. I hope to be in contact in this month of June for another session.”
— Vanessa, California

“Jenna is really sweet! It was a great experience! Probably I'll schedule another session with her next week. Tks”
— Luciana, California

“Good Morning Yadira, Thank you for your confidence in my taking the Reiki II class. I always look forward to working with you and your followers. Everyone I have met in your Reiki I class and all the workshops are so inspirational!”
— Ginger, California

“Hi Yadira, I honestly do feel a change in my life coming. God bless you for everything you do and for all your kindness. Thank you”
— Roy, California

“I wanted to take the time to say thank you. Thank you for the experience you have given me through the Reiki class Saturday. Immediately I have been experiencing very strange phenomenons in my perception of the people I encounter and the energy they radiate. I feel energy run through me as if I was a young child right before Christmas morning excited about what lay under the tree. I'm practicing on myself and others and so far have had some very intuitive moments with others. Already my girlfriend's friends want more sessions.

Last night I had a very profound vision from two of my girlfriend's friends while working on them. Both were in tears after I spoke about the issue they faced. I had no prior knowledge yet seemed to pierce right through them right to the real issues and had words of wisdom to help. This morning they called her (my girlfriend) freak out in a positive way because they never had an experience like this. I feel a loud voice inside that leads me right where I need to be to help them.”
— James McClain, California

“Dear Yadira, It was so nice meeting you today and the class was alot of fun! Thank you so much for holding these wonderful classes... Thanks again!”
— Ann, Costa Mesa, California

“I love the Japanese Tea Ceremony idea!!!!... My best friend crossed over on Friday morning from Pancrea cancer. I drove to San diego to be with the family a few hours after. I called my mom and asked her to send long distance reiki to me and the home where she died. When I got there everyon was calm and peaceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your teachings!!!!!!!!!!!!”
— Rosalia, California

“Im so excited to take the class next moth thank you all for offering such wonderful service! :)”
— Jenna, California

“During the Reiki sessions and my apprenticeship I realized that this mysterious healing energy really exist, and that it is pretty tangible, even though we can't fully understand it. These forces came to me with love and compassion, to show me growth and healing from the damages modern life put us through. During my visualizations, this force was present and strong, to make sure I realize I'm not alone in this journey to optimal health.”
— Paula Belluomini, Costa Mesa, California

“hello yadira, my back is 40% better today after yesterday's session. thank you.”
— Doug, California

“Everytime I think of you and your name I always think of how well the two go together-----your name reminds me of a lyrical classical association and that it just what you are, classy and lyrical... Needless to say, I'm using my Reiki talents very, very frequently on both myself and my patients. Sometimes with results that are so subtle that I do not know that a difference in the patient has taken place in the patient until the family points it out.
— Sharon, California

“I was at your last reiki I class in August. I just wanted to express my deepest thanks to you for this wonderful service you are providing. I can't even explain the joy I receive in giving Reiki to my family. I am learning so much from the Reiki Manual also. I have already worked on 6 of my family members and with every session the flow of Reiki is stronger. I can't wait to take the work shop in Sept and then the Reiki II class... I really truly feel the practice and study of reiki will change my life in a spiritual way I didn't think could happen... Thank you so much Yadira. Have a beautiful wonderful day...”
— Carmen, California

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class on Saturday. Maybe I don't have the “gift” as yet, but I feel it is a tremendous thing. Very powerful indeed. I'm already feeling a little different already (calmer and more peaceful)...”
— Swati, California

“Hello Yadira, I just wanted to thank you for our session this evening. I feel better than before it. I sincerely appreciate your understanding and support with getting through this challenging time in my life. You really helped me feel better with your electric hands and your thoughtful words. I look forward to seeing you again next week.”
— Holly, California

“...thank you very much for the workshop, it feels good to get these hands working again.”
— Rob, California

“TX for your insight Yadira!

As of last night I am sleeping like my normal self again & dreaming. Even though I wasn't sleeping very well the last few nights...oddly I did not feel tired or worn out during the day. Normally for me, sleeping is the LAST thing stress affects Ü. Also I've noticed that the key areas that a few of the students from Saturday's class “felt” have suddenly been aching! Amazing stuff this Reiki. I truly believe doing self–Reiki has already helped me tremendously as it will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

I am excitedly joyful about learning more & more about Reiki...not only to help myself but also to help anyone I encounter in need. Thanks & blessings to you Yadira for guiding me on my Reiki journey.

Until next time....EVELYN”
— Evelyn, California

“Hi Yadira, It was so nice to meet you. I really enjoyed the class. I thought it was GREAT!!... I am using Reiki in my business and the one client I had today said she felt AWESOME afterwards... She told me that where my hands were felt extremely warm on her. I just smiled at her :) . I felt real good after too. I am looking forward to the second class... I think what your doing is awesome.”
— Connie, California

“hey Yadira, Tanya and I both want to thank you again for everything yesterday. It was a special day, as well as draining, by the time we got home we both commented that the whole thing felt like a dream.”
— Charles and Tanya, California

“My Dearest Yadira, Thank You for sharing your knowledge, your gift, and for teaching such an awesome class today. My mind is already bursting with possibilities. I'm excited to see what I do...”
— Sharon, California

“Yadira has been a wonderful inspiration to me. She is warm, generous, and has a gift for her art. Here is someone who clearly loves what she does, and it shows through in her enthusiasm and commitment to providing the best service. Four thumbs up! (I'm guessing the two on my feet count as thumbs too!)”
— Samantha, Santa Ana, California

“Your Reiki healings have been a revelation. I have received countless healings over the years, but yours have been by far the most relaxing and invigorating — is that a paradox?? Whatever! You just know how to hit the spot! You truly have a very special gift, Yadira. Thank you!”
— Caroline, Anaheim, California

“It was extremely refreshing to come across your site. A very nice take on Reiki. You really know how to make people feel welcome and comfortable, and I have enjoyed your healings enormously.”
— Jenny, Laguna Beach, California

“Thank you for teaching me. Your patient thoughtfulness and warm personality have been truly inspirational to me and have made your Reiki classes a joy. God bless you Yadira.”
— Margaret, Orange, California

“I feel better than I ever have. My thanks to you.”
— Michael, Yorba Linda, California

“What a wonderful idea — you are such a giving person”
— Joan, Irvine, California

“You are a very sweet person Yadira. Thank you for the wonderful Reiki healing. I shall certainly be recommending you to my friends”
— Vanessa, Lake Forest, California

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! My husband and I have nothing but praise for your healing”
— Tammy, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

“I absolutely loved your Reiki classes. Thank you for the time you spent teaching me.”
— Phillip, Mission Viejo, California

“My wife and I are very grateful to you Yadira. When I wake up in the morning, I feel 20 years younger. My wife says I feel 20 years younger too!”
— John, Austin, Texas

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