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Reiki Store in California Reiki!

Reiki shopping comes to California Reiki at The California Reiki Store! Here are a few details of what to expect while shopping for Reiki products at the Reiki Store!

Buy Reiki Products and More!

Reiki shopping is now a lot more exciting! Not only are there thousands of Reiki products available to buy, but there are thousands more other exciting things to look at too! Why so many? Well, because this Reiki store is brought to you in association with! So if you are looking to buy Reiki products, you have the huge catalog at at your fingertips! Buy Reiki Books, Music, DVDs, Massage Tables, and a whole lot of exciting stuff at The Chakra Boutique, The Crystal Boutique, The Pendant Boutique, and The Pendulum Boutique, to name but a few!

 “how exciting!” 

Exciting Reiki Shopping!

Reiki shopping at The California Reiki Store is fun! At our Reiki Store you will not be faced with a dull list of Reiki products with little or no information to help you choose. Oh no. What you will have are Amazon product descriptions, customer reviews and recommendations, and if a Reiki product is worth buying, we will say so too! We regularly hand pick and comment on all the Reiki products we show in Featured Products.

And, because we personally get to choose which products to feature, we will show you a whole bunch of other stuff that we think you will find exciting and complementary to your health, your happiness, and to your enjoyment of Reiki and all that it has to offer! Featured Products is where you will find all of these good things!

Reiki Shopping helps Charity!

Every time you decide to purchase something at The California Reiki Store, we donate 10% of the proceeds to Save the Children. This happens automatically and there is nothing additional you need to do, simply enjoy your shopping as usual!

The California Reiki Store Directory

Here's a quick peek at what you will find inside The California Reiki Store!

  • Featured Products: This category is the heart of the store. We personally choose and comment on the products listed here. There are many more categories inside Featured Products so have fun exploring them all! Here is the current list of what you'll find:
    • Reiki Manuals — A selection of Reiki Manuals and essential reading aimed at those wanting to study Reiki and take Reiki classes.
    • Reiki Massage Tables — The tools of the trade for the Reiki Practitioner. A great selection for those just starting out, through to professional tables already fitted with Reiki leg panels.
    • For Reiki Beginners — Reiki items of special interest to those just starting out in the world of Reiki.
    • For Reiki Practitioners — Goodies for those who have travelled a little further down the Reiki path. A few surprises here too!
    • For Reiki Masters — Products aimed at satisfying the Reiki Master/Teachers out there.
    • Angels & Oracles — A selection of Angel and Oracle cards for those who like seeking a little extra help now and then. There's even deck that is actually a very fun way to learn Reiki!
    • The Chakra Boutique — A nice selection of educational Chakra books, jewelry, stones, and lots more!
      • West Coast Jewelry — A fabulous range of beautiful Chakra Healing rings, necklaces, and other items!
    • The Crystal Boutique — A great selection of Books, encyclopedias, and crystal pendants, along with a simply stunning range of birthstone crystal jewelry from our featured supplier, GemstoneGifts!
      • GemstoneGifts — A divine collection of birthstone bracelets, ankle bracelets, and sets with earrings, all neatly categorized by month from January to December so you can easily find items with your particular birthstone!
    • The Pendant Boutique — A lovely and original collection of pendants in a range of stones from Amethyst, to Jasper, to Zosite! A nice selection of necklaces too, along with one or two other surprises!
    • The Pendulum Boutique — A superb selection of highly original pendulum designs, and a lot more besides from our two featured suppliers: Dreamseeds and Xeonix!
      • Dreamseeds — You really need to see these! These strikingly beautiful designs are available in mini collections organized by stones for each Star Sign! So from Aquarius to Virgo, you will find a set for you! The collections include pendulums (of course!), but also wands, amulets, tea stones, medicine stones, and even some *very* cute aromatherapy jewelry! Quick, go see!
      • Xeonix — A selection of striking pendulum designs from our second featured supplier!
    • The Zen Garden — This is where we feature a selection of cute and attractive Japanese–style products, like fountains, lamps, books and the like — mostly to do with Zen, but a few surprises too!
  • Reiki in Books — Easily see all Books in the Amazon catalog that are related in some way to Reiki. There are over 4000 books here, so use the store Search Box to narrow down what you'd like to see!
  • Reiki in Music — See all Music in the Amazon catalog that is related to Reiki. Plenty of choices that are perfect for use as relaxation music during Reiki healings! There are hundreds of albums and singles to choose from, so use the store Search Box to narrow down what you'd like to see.
  • Reiki in DVDs — Easily see all DVDs in the Amazon catalog that are related to Reiki!
  • Reiki in Health & Personal Care — All Health & Personal Care items in the Amazon catalog that are related to Reiki. An interesting, sometimes curious mix of items!
  • Reiki in Electronics — All Electronics items in the Amazon catalog that are related to Reiki. As you might expect, this selection has a rather tenuous link to Reiki...
  • Reiki in Jewelry — All Jewelry items in the Amazon catalog that are related in some way to Reiki. Our advice? Check out The Boutiques in our Featured Products for a big range of things we're sure you will like!
  • Reiki in Magazines — Sadly not too many choices available from Amazon! There are some, but perhaps this will increase soon!
  • Reiki in VHS — All VHS products in the Amazon catalog that are related to Reiki. If you still use this format, you will find a reasonable selection here.
  • All in Books, All in Music, All in DVDs, All in Health & Personal Care, All in Electronics, All in Jewelry, All in Magazines, All in VHS — Use each of these categories with the store Search Box to search the entire Amazon catalog for something. This is very useful if you cannot find a particular item, or if you are simply interested in buying things that have absolutely nothing to do with Reiki!

Some California Reiki Store facts for you

  • This store is brought to you in association with, so thousands of Reiki products from their huge catalog are all available to you!
  • All of your orders are processed entirely by Amazon and their registered sellers.
  • All of Amazon's great shipping rates and offers apply, including free shipping on orders over $25 for most items.
  • Shop in confidence: Amazon's support staff will be on hand to answer all your order queries, and all payments are of course handled safely and securely by Amazon.
  • Every time you shop at this store, we donate 10% of all proceeds to charity! :O)
  • If you see items on that you would like to see featured in this store, or have suggestions about the store, please go to the Contact Us page and tell us all about it!

Have fun shopping!

Click here to visit The California Reiki Store.

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California Reiki offers Reiki services for donations: Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki Therapy, Reiki Treatments, Reiki Classes, Reiki Training, Reiki Workshops, and Reiki Practice Meetings. If you would like to make a donation, please go to our Donations Page. A portion of all proceeds is shared with Save the Children or other charities.