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Reiki Workshops — Much more than just Reiki Practice Classes!

Reiki Workshops are a regular meeting place for all students studying the Western style of Reiki. They are much more than just practice classes; they are a place to meet up and share your experiences, discuss the finer points of Reiki over some Japanese tea, socialize with like–minded people, and of course they are a place to pick up new techniques, practice with others, and learn from each other. Often these workshops are themed to intriguing topics, expanding your understanding in new and exciting ways, and there is always a tangible buzz of excitement when everyone gets together; whether it is to laugh a while, to overcome a difficult issue, or to deepen our personal and spiritual development together, there is always a tremendous sense of community and caring support. Join us!

The Reiki Workshops are practice classes that complement the Western style Usui Reiki Healing Classes that aim to teach you Reiki as it has developed in the West, and includes many non–traditional Reiki techniques. If you would prefer to learn Reiki in the traditional Japanese way, as practiced during Mikao Usui's lifetime, please see our Usui Reiki Ryoho Classes.

Usui Reiki Classes and Workshops for Voluntary Donations!

We do not charge for teaching many Western style Usui Reiki Classes and Workshops. We do show you what others typically charge for this service, but you remain free to choose the amount donated. Remember: Our aim is to make Reiki accessible to everyone and according to each person's circumstances. We gladly put our trust in you to donate an amount that is right for you, and which you feel adequately reflects the value of the teachings.

Remember too that a portion of all donations received is shared with charity.

Complimentary Japanese Tea!

While we cannot promise you a full traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony (which is steeped in complex ritual and tradition, not to mention the need to wear kimonos) we can promise you a selection of fine Japanese teas*, and a very warm welcome to all of our Western Reiki Workshops and traditional Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho Practice Meetings. Come and join us!

*Some Guest Teachers may not offer this service. Please check with us.

About the Reiki Workshops

Although these Reiki Workshops have emphasis on Western Reiki practices, all students of Reiki at any level are welcome to attend. Experience the colorful fusion of Reiki with some of the most exciting Western influences in our themed workshops! (See the workshop schedule in the Fact Box below for details of upcoming themed workshops.)

Reiki Workshop Benefits

These are some of the benefits you will gain from the Western style Reiki Workshops:

  • Gain hands–on practice with emphasis on popular Western Reiki techniques
  • Learn from the real–life experiences of others
  • Refine your understanding of energy work, particularly with Western practices
  • Feel supported and an integral part of a growing community of Reiki practitioners
  • Deepen your spiritual understanding, particularly with group work
  • Ask the questions you need of your teacher or others
  • Build confidence as a Reiki practitioner

Reiki Workshop Techniques

Every Reiki Workshop will be different. Often it will be a themed event based on popular Western practices. The Reiki Workshops typically include:

  • Regular themed events based on popular Western practices: from manifesting desires, to chakra cleansing, to working with crystals, to so much more! (See the workshop schedule in the Fact Box below for details of upcoming themed workshops.)
  • Group Reiki (healing with Reiki in a group)
  • A soothing meditation, often appropriate to the theme of the workshop
  • Additional Western Reiki techniques (or review of regular techniques if requested) appropriate to the group

How to Book Your Reiki Workshop

Simply review the information in the Fact Box below, along with the availability schedule there, and when you are ready, just click on one of the “Book This Service” links.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Reiki Practice Workshop Class Fact Box



Reiki Workshops are for all Reiki students. You must have at least First Degree Reiki Level I (or equivalent) from us or a recognized Reiki teacher. (If you have not studied with us we will need to see your original Reiki I certificate, and you may be asked to present it at the first workshop.)


Please see the Reiki Workshop schedule below.


Reiki services advertised in Lake Forest will be at our place in Lake Forest, Orange County, California, with easy access from the Santa Ana Freeway (Interstate 5). The full address will be provided to you when your booking is confirmed.

Addresses for other venues will be shown as and when they are announced.


Once you have received a confirmation of your booking from us, all you need to do is arrive promptly at the agreed date and time.


Wear comfortable clothing. You may bring a bottle of water if you wish. Bring a notepad and pencil to make notes.


Each Reiki Workshop lasts 2 hours. All students of Reiki are warmly invited to continue to build upon what they have learnt by attending the Reiki Workshops regularly.


  1. VOLUNTARY DONATIONS WELCOME: You will not be charged. The usual cost of a Reiki Workshop or Reiki Practice Class is around USD$20. You are welcome to leave a donation of your choosing at the end of the workshop which will be shared with charity.
  2. DEPOSIT: No deposit required!

What you might pay elsewhere

Others offering this service typically charge around USD$20 for a Reiki Workshop or Reiki Practice Class.


Western style practice Reiki Workshop Schedule
  • Wed Nov 12, Chatsworth (San Fernando Valley) CA, Rebecca Thompson — 7pm to 9pm
    Western style Reiki Workshop Come and practice Reiki with others!
  • Wed Nov 19, Chatsworth (San Fernando Valley) CA, Rebecca Thompson — 7pm to 9pm
    Western style Reiki Workshop Come and practice Reiki with others!
  • Thu Dec 4, Chatsworth (San Fernando Valley) CA, Rebecca Thompson — 7pm to 9pm
    Western style Reiki Workshop Come and practice Reiki with others!
  • Thu Dec 11, Chatsworth (San Fernando Valley) CA, Rebecca Thompson — 7pm to 9pm
    Western style Reiki Workshop Come and practice Reiki with others!

Typical availability times are shown here. These may become fully booked at any time so please book as early as possible. Please book a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Your booking is confirmed only after you have received a confirmation from us.


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California Reiki offers Reiki services for donations: Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki Therapy, Reiki Treatments, Reiki Classes, Reiki Training, Reiki Workshops, and Reiki Practice Meetings. If you would like to make a donation, please go to our Donations Page. A portion of all proceeds is shared with Save the Children or other charities.