Traditional Japanese Reiki Classes start in April: Learn Usui Reiki Ryoho. Reiki in San Pedro - Sarita Papaleo joins California Reiki! The Healing Power of Touch by Rebecca Thompson.
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~ April 10, 2012 ~

Learn Traditional Japanese Reiki - Usui Reiki Ryoho Classes start in April

Mikao Usui, founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho

If you've been patiently waiting for our traditional Japanese Reiki classes to resume, you're in for a treat this month!

Our beginner's Usui Reiki Ryoho Shoden ("first teachings") class is on April 28th in Huntington Beach.

Book now to learn Reiki from its traditional Japanese perspective, close to how it was originally practiced by Mikao Usui during his lifetime. Gone is the chakra system, you'll experience 4 Japanese reiju or "energy blessing" - the precursor to what later became known in the West as the attunement, and you'll be taught traditional Japanese Reiki techniques.

When experienced this way, Reiki is so beautiful and elegant in its simplicity, sharing traits with many other East Asian art forms, from Calligraphy to the Samurai sword to flower arranging.

It's the perfect way to deepen your understanding of Reiki practice and get closer to the essence of Reiki. It's a fabulous and deeply spiritual course, don't miss it! Places are filling up, so book your place here.

More Reiki!

Western style Reiki classes are also coming up this month. As usual, they're for voluntary donations which we share with charity :)

There's a beginner's Reiki I Class on Sunday April 22nd with Margaret in Lomita - learn to give yourself and friends a complete Reiki treatment.

And Kerri has a Reiki II Class coming up on Sunday April 29th in Huntington Beach.

Don't miss out on the practice Reiki Workshops too, where you can come and practice Reiki with your teacher and other students.

Hands-on-healing Reiki Sessions are now available in Burbank, Chatsworth, Lomita, Huntington Beach, West Hollywood, and very soon in San Pedro! All for voluntary donations, so book your Reiki Session soon!

Here's what people have been saying:

"I wanted to drop a note saying that the Reiki II class with Margaret was even better than the Reiki I. I feel like I cleared a lot of things out and connected to the source in a new way. Thanks again to California Rieki for offering these classes and workshops. I really appreciate it and can't wait until I can attend another. Thank you" - Kimber, California

"I enjoyed my first class [with Margaret] and definitely want to practice and learn. Thank you!" - Cinia, California

"It was wonderful, as it always is with Kerri." - Mischa, California

"I really enjoyed the class. Met nice people and Kerri's teaching style is both informative and fun." - Cora, California

Check our Latest Announcements page for our full schedule!

The Healing Power of Touch

By Rebecca Thompson (RMT)

Hold hands...

From the moment of birth we crave touch, to be held, caressed, nurtured. The cry of an infant can be silenced just by bringing them into our arms. A child's fear relinquished with a hug. Affection displayed by the holding of hands. Even a simple touch on the shoulder of another can bring comfort. As humans we need touch from birth and on through to death.

I have a Hospice patient that I visit weekly. At one of our visits he was not feeling well and remained in bed. I sat by his side just holding his hand. I told him that I would remain for our hour together whether he was asleep or awake and just hold his hand, and he said to me "Thank-you, I don't get to do that much any more". We do tend to neglect the elderly when it comes to touching. We believe them to be too frail or too ill to touch, when if fact they welcome the peace that is given by just a simple touch of the hand. Even our pets crave attention, begging for another rub behind the ear or rolling over for that pat on the belly, or the kitty that constantly rubs between our legs. It really is an interesting phenomenon!

This is why the hands on technique of Reiki works so beautifully. Combined with the universal life force energy, the touch of Reiki hands is soothing, comforting and healing. It is like receiving an hour-long hug! And who wouldn't want that!

Even if you think that you don't have time for Reiki for yourself, at the very least take a moment to give a hug, hold a hand, touch a shoulder, and then make some time for Reiki!

Rebecca Thompson (RMT) Rebecca Thompson is providing hands-on-healing Reiki treatments in Chatsworth, San Fernando Valley. Book your Reiki Session with Rebecca here.

Join The California Reiki Team!

Join The California Reiki Team

We are currently taking on more Reiki teachers and practitioners, so if you are experienced and would like to join our growing team, see how you can join us.

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Reiki Master Teacher Sarita Papaleo

Reiki in San Pedro! Sarita Papaleo joins California Reiki!

We're so happy to have Sarita Papaleo join our Reiki team!

Sarita has been a Reiki Master Teacher for 7 years, and with her husband owns a beautiful Spa/Salon at the Marina in San Pedro - doesn't that sound like a perfect place for some relaxation and Reiki?

Oh, and Sarita also speaks Spanish. What more could we ask for?

We'll have Sarita's Reiki schedule ready soon. For now you can read more about Sarita on the California Reiki Team page.

Welcome, Sarita! :)

Latest Reiki Class and Event Schedules

Full schedule on our Latest Announcements page.


* NEW! Sun April 15, Lomita (Torrance) CA, Margaret Sanders - 4pm to 6pm.
Western style Reiki Workshop. Come and practice Reiki with others!

* NEW! Wed April 18, Huntington Beach CA, Kerri Draper - 7pm to 9pm.
Western style Reiki Workshop. Come and practice Reiki with others!

* NEW! Sun April 22, Lomita (Torrance) CA, Margaret Sanders - 11am to 4pm.
Reiki I Class. Western style Reiki I Class. Begin your Reiki healing journey!

* NEW! Sat April 28, Huntington Beach CA, Kerri Draper - 11am to 7pm.
Usui Reiki Ryoho SHODEN Level I Class. Traditional Japanese Reiki I Class. Rediscover yourself and the self–healing power within.

* NEW! Sun April 29, Huntington Beach CA, Kerri Draper - 11am to 4pm.
Reiki II Class. Western style Reiki II Class. Become a Reiki Practitioner! This class with Kerri is FREE if you are coping with cancer.

Reiki Treatments:

* Every Mon-Fri, Chatsworth (San Fernando Valley) CA, Rebecca Thompson - 9am to 2pm.
Personal Reiki Sessions. Please request your time.

* Every Mon-Fri, Burbank CA, Jastej Kaur - 10am to 2pm.
Personal Reiki Sessions. Please request your time.

* Every Tue-Thu, Lomita (Torrance) CA, Margaret Sanders - 3pm to 8pm.
Personal Reiki Sessions. Please request your time.

* Every Mon-Fri, Huntington Beach CA, Kerri Draper - 10am to 7pm.
Personal Reiki Sessions. Please request your time. Reiki Sessions with Kerri are FREE if you are coping with cancer.

* NEW! Every Mon-Fri, West Hollywood CA, Lynda Barbaccia - 10am to 6pm.
Personal Reiki Sessions. Please request your time.

More events soon! Be sure to check our Latest Announcements page!

We hope to see you for some Reiki soon!

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