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Reiki for Cancer Patients at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital

Our Reiki Master Teacher Kerri Draper has mobilized a group of Reiki practitioners to help cancer patients at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital in Newport Beach. Marcus catches up with Kerri to learn more.

Story by Marcus / Huntington Beach, California / August 17 2011

Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital has a Reiki treatment program for cancer patients. More Info

Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital in Newport Beach, California.


It's taken more than a year of hard work to get the Reiki treatment program running at Hoag Hospital's Cancer Center in Newport Beach, California. Thanks to Kerri's hard work and commitment, a group of around 10 dedicated Reiki practitioners now regularly visits the hospital twice a month to give Reiki treatments to cancer patients, and both the doctors and patients are feeling the benefits says Kerri.

[See Kerri's next availability for Reiki treatments and Reiki classes at California Reiki, and learn more about Kerri on our Team page.]

 “Many cancer patients say Reiki helps with pain and helps them completely relax and feel positive.” 

— Reiki Master Teacher Kerri Draper

Marcus: What made you decide to start a Reiki program at a hospital?

Kerri Draper: I'm a cancer survivor, so is my mom and sister. My dad died of cancer last year. Reiki helped me so much I wanted to help others.

M: How did you go about getting the Reiki program started at Hoag?

KD: I started by going to hospitals in the area volunteering Reiki. I let them know I had a large group of practitioners willing to help and would love to get a Reiki program going. I spent a lot of time talking to volunteer services, directors and board members. I ended up with 3 hospitals interested. Hoag has been the first to get going. I have a program at Fountain Valley Hospital almost ready to start. Orange Coast Memorial is very interested and will start at a later date.

Reiki Master Teacher Kerri Draper has set up a Reiki program at Hoag Hospital for cancer patients. More Info

Reiki Master Teacher Kerri Draper.

Kerri Draper

M: What challenges did you face in setting up the Reiki volunteer group at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian?

KD: We had to start with a pilot program last year. It's taken a year to get everything in place; getting approval from the directors and legal department, writing protocols and procedures, etc.

M: Have the doctors and nurses been supportive? Had they heard of Reiki before you started at Hoag?

KD: Very supportive. Hospital care providers are also welcome to come in for Reiki treatments, which they do. They love it and want to learn. Some have heard of Reiki before, and Hoag has a social worker that practices Reiki too, Nandini Narayanan [an oncology social worker], and she has been very helpful in getting the Reiki program at Hoag started so quick.

M: Describe the set up — you visit Hoag Cancer Center twice a month with your group of Reiki practitioners and... what happens next?

KD: We set up a in a conference room and put up 3 to 5 massage tables for the Reiki treatments. We give 20 minute Reiki sessions. The patients can sign up at the front desk for a time between 10 and noon. If they want, they can stay the entire time and relax or meditate in chairs at the back of the room. We run the Reiki program at Hoag on the first and third Friday of the month.

M: How many cancer patients do you see each time you go?

KD: 20 or more.

M: Any stories you'd like to share of people you've helped at Hoag Cancer Center?

KD: I have a patient now that was very upset and felt out of control over her life. Reiki has helped her to become more in control and has also helped her pain tremendously. Her attitude has completely changed to positive. Many other cancer patients say Reiki helps with pain and helps them completely relax and feel positive.

M: Now that you have the Reiki program running at Hoag, what's next?

KD: I plan on going into the operating room and give Reiki during surgery. I would also like to expand to other areas of the hospital. I'm also trying to get Reiki into other hospitals and cancer centers. I've been trying to get into the hospital setting for about 2 years, so it's been a long and hard road. Totally worth it!

Feel free to Contact Us if you would like more information about Kerri's Reiki program at Hoag Hospital.

Reiki is not a substitute for qualified medical advice. Always consult your doctor or qualified care provider regarding any illness or health concerns.

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