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California Reiki Anniversary Stories and Testimonials 2008

September marked the anniversary of the founding of California Reiki. We asked people to reflect on how Reiki has helped them this past year, and to write in with their thoughts, comments, Reiki stories, and testimonials.

Story by Yadira / Lake Forest, California / October 10 2008

Poems from the anthology Tsutsumichūnagon shū, attributed to Ki no Tsurayuki. More Info

It certainly would have been wonderful to have received something like this... Oh well, maybe next year! :O)

Museum of the Imperial Collections, Tokyo Imperial Palace

California Reiki has grown phenomenally this last year, and I was very pleased to receive such a great response to my request for you to share your own personal Reiki stories and experiences with the world!

Collected here you will find a selection of these stories, and I also thought it appropriate to include some of the nice comments I have received over the last few months.

Please also be sure to check my other story this month, California Reiki Celebrates its Anniversary 2008 for more on how we celebrated this special occasion.

A very special thank you to everyone who wrote in!

Cathy Taylor's Story: Reiki Helps Patient with Stage 4 Colon Cancer

“I have been doing Reiki work on a girlfriend who is 37 and is in stage 4 colon cancer. A year ago she was treated for this and they did a series of chemo and removed some of her colon. After a few months in the clear, they told her the cancer had metastasized to her liver. They scheduled her for more chemo and surgery to remove 2 tumors from her liver.

I started working on her about 5 weeks ago, just once a week for around 40 minutes. We spent some time talking about her thought processes and did some clearing on this level. Doing the Reiki seemed to bring her a certain degree of peace and she was able to become stronger over time. When it came time for her ultrasound, she was very nervous, but to her amazement, they said the chemo had worked and she was strong enough to have surgery.

They did surgery today and found no cancer. They removed 2 benign tumors and said her liver will regenerate in 6 weeks. They are leaving open the option of more chemo, but at this point are not convinced she will need any more.

I will see her in the hospital in a day and continue Reiki once a week until she is in the clear. Energy is power.”
— Cathy Taylor, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

A few days later I inquired how things were progressing, and Cathy kindly provided me with the following update:

“Yep, you're right, it is amazing. I actually heard word yesterday that the surgery went better than they anticipated. They only had to remove 15% of the liver versus 25% and she is recovering beautifully. I'll probably see her once in the hospital before she goes home to recuperate. I'm hoping she keeps an open mind and doesn't have to do more chemo. Thanks for all of your help.”
— Cathy Taylor, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Evelyn Lake's Story: Reiki Eases the Pain of a Loved One

“Hi Yadira...

My very special Reiki experience....

One area of focus for me in practicing Reiki is to not only aide people to become more balanced & healthy but to assist those that are soon to cross over. As a Reiki II Practitioner/Student I was recently made “aware” that Reiki can definitely be of benefit to those who are close to passing over from a family member. I suppose knowing my mom in–law had been in poor health for several months and the fact that I have actually been with several family members at their time of death, I realize that any comforting words or gestures are immeasurably loving for both parties. Now I know firsthand just how much more dramatic and divine this experience truly is.

When we got the call that my mom in–law was once again in the hospital...I knew her time was near so we made the trip out of state to visit her in the hospital as quickly as possible. The Dr.'s advised us that she had pneumonia and that indeed her organs were shutting down. Although her death could not be predicted it was evidently slow in coming. My son & daughter in–law, who is a Reiki Master trained in England, accompanied my husband & myself to Arizona. As quickly as we were able we both began what is undoubtedly one of the most amazing Reiki experiences thus far for all of us.

My mom in–law was totally incoherent....making gurgling noises unable to speak & almost comatose with her eyes unevenly open when we first arrived at the hospital. Due to her condition she was retaining fluid unable to flush it from her system and was bruised from all the procedures. She was in a very sorry, sad state. We started doing our “Reiki thing”....which felt like there was a veil of heaviness or thickness surrounding her that our energy needed to penetrate thru first to actually reach her body. Her entire body was in desperate need of energy, I truly felt like I was in a dream state while doing Reiki. But within what seemed like minutes, she transformed into someone we almost didn't recognize! Her nature as a shy lady was replaced by the fact that she was not only talking, in charge of the conversation & fully aware of who was there with actually joking and reminiscing about times long gone. We left to let her rest and returned to the hospital later that evening to give another dose of our “Reiki thing”. She asked about other family members & was even craving ice cream! The nurses as well as my father in–law all commented that this was the most alert she had been since being admitted to the hospital. We just smiled and knew exactly why she was “alert”.

The next day although she was extremely uncomfortable with additional Reiki she was again able to talk. The scanning during this Reiki session was in a sense easier & her chakra's felt calm more at peace. Reiki as with most of us, has heightened my intuition so I knew this would be the last visit we would have with her. My mom in–law did pass away within two days after our final visit...the doctor's felt her pace maker was the only factor in keeping her body alive. No one will ever convince me otherwise that our Reiki sessions not only eased her pain but enabled her to communicate what would be her final good–bye's to those she loved. I feel privileged to have helped ease her transition crossing over using my Reiki skills. What a happy remembrance to hold in my heart for ever.

Blessings & Light....EVELYN”
— Evelyn Lake, Laguna Hills, California

Sharon Hill's Story: Reiki in Critical Care and Intensive Care

“Hi Yadira,

Being a Critical Care/ Intensive Care nurse I have some “unusual” opportunities to observe the benefits that Reiki provides to my patients. I also have some “unusual” challenges to take into consideration---many of my patients are on life support systems, not able to participate in making decisions, and their status can change so very quickly, and there is always so much to do for them that giving them a complete treatment would be a dream that I have yet to realize.

But even with all the challenges, I find ways to use Reiki that produce results that are sometimes so subtle that unless a family member tells me that something is different I have no way of knowing about it.

The patient that has a terminal disease, and for months has been on a special medication to try and improve their appetite, all to no avail--they are still not eating. His lunch arrives and his family watches in amazement as he eats the entire meal and states how good it was!

Reiki has made the crisis management of my critically ill patients go much smoother--both for the patient and for me. Their vital signs stabilize more easily, they are less anxious, and in some cases their passing is more calm.

Reiki always infuses me with energy and keeps me centered, grounded, and even able to laugh at some of the horrible days that we have while others are pulling their hair out!!!

Warmest wishes,

— Sharon Hill, San Diego, California

Tara Bangham's Story: Manifesting with Reiki

“Monday morning, I used the same manifestation/Reiki exercise that we did in our most recent workshop, to help my friend Josh manifest his desire of having employment. We intended that he had the perfect job, in the perfect location with the perfect pay. Using a crystal to help magnify, I sent light to this handwritten request.

I didn't receive any visions but I did hear a message. I told Josh that he was going to get two job offers today and that he would be able to choose between the two.

Sure enough, Josh had an interview this morning and was offered to come back if he would cut his hair but for only $9. When he got home from that interview, the phone rang as soon as he walked in the door. It was a job calling. They wanted him to start tomorrow.

The cool thing is, the job is in the perfect location. Close to me with similar hours so we can carpool. Josh's truck is not running right now so this will help him get to work. The pay is what he was asking for, so that too is perfect. ”
— Tara Bangham, Orange, California

Tara also says that she was able to heal other personal issues with her family, and she concluded by saying:

“Our prayers have been answered and with the help of Reiki and pure intent, I've manifested this more rapidly than I could have foreseen. It is a real miracle! Thanks Yadira for all of your guidance”
— Tara Bangham, Orange, California

Kerri Draper's Story: Reiki Calms Wayward Skunk!

This story makes me smile every time I read it!

“Hi Yadira,

We had a family of skunks move under our porch. We thought they were so cute we started feeding them. We would watch them come out every night and eat. It was great until they started bring their friends. I mean a lot of friends. So we started trapping them and releasing them in the river bed. They were pretty easy to trap. Every morning I would go out and place a towel over the trap. That way I wouldn't get sprayed and the skunk would feel more secure. The skunks would just lay there and let me do it.

Then one morning I came out to a very agitated and aggressive skunk. He was pacing and trying to get out. He wouldn't let me anywhere near the trap. I didn't know what to do. I had to get him to the river bed. Then I thought of Reiki. I started sending Reiki to him and within a minute he was calm. Then he lay down and went to sleep. I was then able to throw the towel over him and release him. I was amazed!!!”
— Kerri Draper, Huntington Beach, California

Reiki Comments and Testimonials

Here I have collected some of the nice comments and testimonials made by people who came for Reiki sessions or Reiki classes with me over the last few months.

A big thank you to you all!

“hello yadira, my back is 40% better today after yesterday's session. thank you.”
— Doug, California (September 16th, 2008)

“Everytime I think of you and your name I always think of how well the two go together-----your name reminds me of a lyrical classical association and that it just what you are, classy and lyrical... Needless to say, I'm using my Reiki talents very, very frequently on both myself and my patients. Sometimes with results that are so subtle that I do not know that a difference in the patient has taken place in the patient until the family points it out.
— Sharon, California (September 13th 2008)

“I was at your last reiki I class in August. I just wanted to express my deepest thanks to you for this wonderful service you are providing. I can't even explain the joy I receive in giving Reiki to my family. I am learning so much from the Reiki Manual also. I have already worked on 6 of my family members and with every session the flow of Reiki is stronger. I can't wait to take the work shop in Sept and then the Reiki II class... I really truly feel the practice and study of reiki will change my life in a spiritual way I didn't think could happen... Thank you so much Yadira. Have a beautiful wonderful day...”
— Carmen, California (August 29th 2008)

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class on Saturday. Maybe I don't have the “gift” as yet, but I feel it is a tremendous thing. Very powerful indeed. I'm already feeling a little different already (calmer and more peaceful)...”
— Swati, California (August 27th 2008)

“Hello Yadira, I just wanted to thank you for our session this evening. I feel better than before it. I sincerely appreciate your understanding and support with getting through this challenging time in my life. You really helped me feel better with your electric hands and your thoughtful words. I look forward to seeing you again next week.”
— Holly, California (August 27th 2008)

“...thank you very much for the workshop, it feels good to get these hands working again.”
— Rob, California (August 20th 2008)

“TX for your insight Yadira!

As of last night I am sleeping like my normal self again & dreaming. Even though I wasn't sleeping very well the last few nights...oddly I did not feel tired or worn out during the day. Normally for me, sleeping is the LAST thing stress affects Ü. Also I've noticed that the key areas that a few of the students from Saturday's class “felt” have suddenly been aching! Amazing stuff this Reiki. I truly believe doing self–Reiki has already helped me tremendously as it will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

I am excitedly joyful about learning more & more about Reiki...not only to help myself but also to help anyone I encounter in need. Thanks & blessings to you Yadira for guiding me on my Reiki journey.

Until next time....EVELYN”
— Evelyn, California (July 31st 2008)

“Hi Yadira, It was so nice to meet you. I really enjoyed the class. I thought it was GREAT!!... I am using Reiki in my business and the one client I had today said she felt AWESOME afterwards... She told me that where my hands were felt extremely warm on her. I just smiled at her :) . I felt real good after too. I am looking forward to the second class... I think what your doing is awesome.”
— Connie, California (July 28th 2008)

“hey Yadira, Tanya and I both want to thank you again for everything yesterday. It was a special day, as well as draining, by the time we got home we both commented that the whole thing felt like a dream.”
— Charles and Tanya, California (July 28th 2008)

“My Dearest Yadira, Thank You for sharing your knowledge, your gift, and for teaching such an awesome class today. My mind is already bursting with possibilities. I'm excited to see what I do...”
— Sharon, California (July 26th 2008)

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