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An Evening with Reiki Master Jessica Miller

Well, kind of... Yadira joins an enthusiastic group of Reiki people in Pasadena, California for one of Reiki Master Jessica Miller's Intro Healing Nights, and is thrilled to experience first–hand the buzz of that awesome vibrating sound therapy from her famous YouTube video.

Story by Yadira / Lake Forest, California / May 27 2008

Reiki Master Jessica Miller and Yadira together. Enlarge Image

Yadira with Reiki Master Jessica Miller at a Reiki Intro Night hosted by Jessica Miller in Sierra Madre near Pasadena, California.

© California Reiki

Now I have to be honest here. When I first decided to attend one of Jessica Miller's healing nights in Sierra Madre, near Pasadena, I went with the intention of simply experiencing for myself what others in the Reiki world were doing, and possibly with a view to attending some of her classes (in this respect I am a proponent of William Lee Rand's view that one can never have too many classes and attunements — all Reiki Masters no matter how experienced can always benefit from the experience gained by others), and so at the time of my visit I didn't expect to be penning this short story.

So what made me change my mind? Well for one thing I was very pleasantly surprised by Jessica Miller's openness and her inviting nature. And for another, I got to experience first–hand the mesmerizing power of that resonating sound therapy she uses — you know, the very one featuring in her famous YouTube video! I've included a link to that video elsewhere on this page, but suffice it to say that it was really something I found worth writing about!

Scene from one of Reiki Master Jessica Miller's YouTube videos demonstrating sound healing. Enlarge Image

Reiki Master Jessica Miller demonstrates the use of sound healing in this scene from one of her YouTube videos.

Jessica Miller

So what was it like? Well, to begin with let me first say that I greatly admire the ability of anyone who can contort their vocal cords and mouth parts to produce the required sonic effects — it looks painful to watch someone do it, so I can only begin to imagine the effort required to pull it off. In fact if I'm honest, as soon as Jessica had completed the treatment my first thoughts were to immediately give her some Reiki to help ease any pain it might have caused, but her smiles soon assured me that it had not been a painful experience for her at all. (I am exaggerating a little here; I have nothing but admiration for Jessica and the technique.)

Reiki Master Jessica Miller is also the author of Reiki's Birthplace: A Guide to Kurama Mountain. Enlarge Image

Jessica Miller is also the author of Reiki's Birthplace: A guide to Kurama Mountain.

© Jessica Miller

Let me describe the experience for you further. On that night I happened to be suffering from some very tense muscles in my shoulders, and Jessica noticed this straight away and began treating the area. The moment she began, I could feel the sound waves going deep into my body, hitting all the right spots. The amazing thing was that I immediately noticed the muscles relaxing and the pain melting away. It was an incredible experience — the sound produces a surprising amount of vibration.

Overall it was a bit like sitting on a good massage chair, but the advantages here were that I could feel the resonances going a lot deeper and also being directed at precisely the right places, and soon within a minute or two I was cured of my tense muscles.

Inner Harmony is the name of the healing center in Sierra Madre near Pasadena, California Enlarge Image

Inner Harmony is the name of the healing center in Sierra Madre near Pasadena, California.

Later that evening my muscles did revert back to their tense and sore state, but I put this down to the treatment having been a very brief one; this was after all an Intro Night mainly for the purpose of introducing people to Reiki, so all treatments were necessarily short.

I should point out here that sound therapy is not an integral part of Reiki, but on the basis of my experience I would certainly recommend it as something that can complement a Reiki treatment very well, and I can further say that Jessica is someone who is able to integrate these two healing techniques very well.

As Jessica Miller is fond of saying when talking about Reiki, “It makes no sense, but it works!”

This experience has been a real eye–opener for me, and I would very much like to thank Jessica Miller for her kindness and generosity in taking the time to introduce me to sound healing. Thank you!

And finally... the famous YouTube video from Jessica Miller!

“It makes no sense, but it works!”

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