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Reiki Inspires Young Star in the Making

She's young, she's extremely ambitious, and she has a voice and a song–writing talent that is taking her places. Folk singer Melissa Bonnel talks to me about her new demo album and her future ambitions over a nice relaxing Reiki session.

Story by Yadira / Lake Forest, California / January 7 2008

Folk singer Melissa Bonnel in concert

Folk singer Melissa Bonnel in concert.

Image: Courtesy Melissa Bonnel

Melissa is all smiles and rightly so. The last few months have been a whirlwind for her, and things just seem to keep falling into place in just the right way.

What a wonderful time of life for her!

Although a record deal hasn't quite shown itself yet, I have high hopes that this will be the breakthrough year for Melissa, and certainly the Tarot we had over tea suggested some very big things happening to her in the very near future.

Yet in a short space of time, Melissa has managed to write and compose enough songs for an album, found musicians to back her up, and found the right people (read: those who happen to have recording studios nestled within their apartments!) to master the demo album for her!

Melissa looking fabulous in this promotional image

Melissa looking fabulous in this promotional image.

Image: Courtesy Melissa Bonnel

“It's who you know”, she giggles, with a cheeky look on her face. That may be true in part, but it is also true that the girl can sing. Melissa very kindly allowed us to put a sample of her music on my website which you can listen to below.

Listen to “Ocean Tide” by Melissa Bonnel

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It's a haunting melody with intense, passionate lyrics laced with sadness, yet tinged with hope. I asked Melissa what prompted her to write this particular song. “Ocean Tide is definitely one of those heartbreak songs. I spent a lot of time at the beach when I first moved out here, and I decided to draw from the scenery and the heart ache I was feeling at the time into a song. I had been spending a lot of time with this guy, and eventually, things just didn't work out between us... So I decided to put all my thoughts and feelings into this song... as a way of just helping me deal with everything...” she reveals. It's a sad tale most of us will be familiar with, but Melissa can take courage from knowing that the best is still out there waiting for her.

In between writing and recording more songs, Melissa is busy sorting out venues for her performances. She next plays at the Ragazzi Room Coffee House by USC on January 27. If you are interested in attending, the performance begins at 7.30pm, and I am told you can just drop in — no bookings or tickets are necessary. You can find details of the venue here:

Melissa looking refreshed and energized right after her Reiki session

Melissa looking refreshed and energized right after her Reiki session.

Image: © California Reiki

Beaming after her Reiki session, I ask Melissa what the drive is behind her music “I've always loved music, and it's been a passion of mine since I was a child” she says, “I think that music helps people deal with whatever they are going through in their lives”. Indeed, the therapeutic qualities inherent in music are something that Melissa draws strongly from: “I know that I had specific songs I would listen to when I was going through rough patches in my life, and it helped me through”.

It's most often the case that the most emotive music tends to come from intense personal experiences, and Melissa certainly taps into moments like those for inspiration, but for her, this is also a way to release and let go of the past “music has always been this therapeutic outlet for me and through it, I could express whatever I was feeling at that moment in time” she states. This is a concept she is very keen to pass on to others through her singing, adding “I've always felt this calling to make a difference in the world, and I hope to do that through music.”

Next, I very unsubtly steer the conversation towards Reiki :O)

Melissa has journeyed all the way from LA for her Reiki session with me today, so I'm keen to know what part Reiki plays in her life, “I started getting involved with Reiki about a year ago, and it has helped me tremendously” she replies, adding “I found that it helped me cope with stress and maintain an overall feeling of well–being. Along with music, I use Reiki on myself whenever I need to ground and relax.”

Another shot of Melissa Bonnel in concert

Another shot of Melissa Bonnel in concert.

Image: Courtesy Melissa Bonnel

It always amazes me how deeply music affects us all; how something as simple as a rise in tempo or the strum of a few well-placed notes can make us either want to get up and shake some serious booty, or slip into some distant melancholy memory of times past. Melissa reaffirms the healing power music has had on her life too, “music helps me process my feelings, and I'm able to move through them much quicker”, she says.

Being a nice person, Melissa is also quick to praise people, and shortly after her Reiki session with me, she offered the following kind words “I found Yadira's Reiki to be really amazing. She is a wonderful healer, and I could feel my body balancing out during the session. I felt surrounded by love, and this feeling of deep peace came over me. I definitely felt much freer and lighter after the session was over.”

Time for me to go blush a little... :O)

I am sure you will all join me in wishing Melissa the very best of luck for the future. If you like Melissa's music, please Contact Us and we will be happy to pass on your comments.

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