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Reiki Training for Helpers of Cancer Patients and the Terminally Ill in Ecuador

Yadira meets Rosario Dalmazzo, healer and mother to Dominic Fischette who founded a franchised alternative medicine outlet, but with a little–known and yet extraordinary sideline of helping the desperately ill. Rosario receives her Reiki training from Yadira to help the helpers heal in Ecuador.

Story by M Lenon / Lake Forest, California / November 24 2007

She arrives with a youthful glow and an innocent smile that belies the knowledge and wisdom carried by a woman who has travelled the world in search of the secrets of healing. A closer look into her eyes reveals a tempting glimpse beneath that youthful veil, offering the first outward indication that within lies a deep well filled with the tales and experiences acquired during her years of travels to India, Thailand, and Tibet. For more than 25 years, that knowledge has been gathering with a sole purpose; to help those who are in need.

Rosario Dalmazzo talks about her travels to Pakistan, Thailand and Tibet

Rosario Dalmazzo talks about her travels to India, Thailand and Tibet

Image: © California Reiki

It's time for me to find out more.

Rosario is “officially” here to receive her Reiki I and II training — an intense schedule usually reserved only for adepts of healing with many years of experience in related fields. However, the opportunity to learn more while she is here is one too tempting to pass up. So we talk for a while.

Rosario became interested in spiritual and alternative therapies when she volunteered to join La Fundacion Nueva Vida in Equador, a charity devoted to helping children suffering from cerebral palsy, and which offered among its treatments numerous alternative therapies. Her faith in energetic and spiritual healing was strengthened when she herself was diagnosed with a painful disorder and was able to overcome it. The experience made her want to heal others, and so together with her son Dominic, they began to learn all they could, and to offer their services to all.

A number of personal tragedies befell Rosario, and again she was able to pull through with the help of her faith and her healing abilities. She began to travel, and to learn different systems of healing, among them Pranic and Ayurveda, Tibetan healing modes, and even various crystal and magnetic field therapies.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj with H.H the Dalai Lama at the Seventh World Religions Conference

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj with H.H the Dalai Lama at the Seventh World Religions Conference

Image: Assumed public domain

It is almost time for Rosario to begin her Reiki I class, but she engagingly ekes out a little bit of extra time to show me some pictures of her travels (as if one could possibly refuse such an offer). As I am looking at the pictures of her in India, it strikes me to learn that she travelled there by herself, and without truly knowing where she would be heading upon her arrival. She simply “went with the flow”, following her instincts, leaving it to fate, or as she would prefer to say, letting herself be guided by God.

The guidance, whatever its source, was certainly good, for it led Rosario to meet Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, and to become one of his pupils. For those unfamiliar with the name, Sant Rajindar Singh Ji Maharaj is one of India's renowned spiritual figures, and the head of the non–profit organization Science of Spirituality ( which is devoted to the betterment of mankind through the promotion of spirituality, peace and service. The organization has headquarters both in Delhi, India and Naperville, Illinois, USA, and Sant Rajindar Singh Ji Maharaj frequently tours to give talks and promote the goals of SOS.

With this startling revelation, we finally do break for several hours while Yadira imparts the first of today's two Reiki classes and attunements for Rosario.

When I return, the youthful smile beams again, albeit slightly tempered this time with a bout of mild giddiness that I am told is the result of the first Reiki attunement having cleared the pathways to improved energy flow. Lunch is suggested to allow Rosario time to recover, and we convene again thereafter, this time with a briefer interlude to talk a little more before the second of today's Reiki classes and attunements.

Rosario Dalmazzo studies for her Reiki class

Rosario Dalmazzo studies for her Reiki class. Note the bracelets picked up from different temples she visited on her travels.

Image: © California Reiki

This time, Rosario tells me about the franchised alternative medicine business her son Dominic began to operate 5 years ago in Ecuador. What is most striking about this business is not the range of products offered, but the fact that Dominic took it upon himself to offer healing services to the needy — free to those without means — at a locale very close by. The demand for his services was so great that as he expanded to other franchised outlets, he repeated the same formula. Today across Ecuador, Dominic has 10 outlets with impromptu clinics located either in or close to each place of business, and he continues to help all those in need with the assistance of a small army of dedicated healers and helpers. Those with painful disorders, the terminally ill, cancer patients, and those suffering from addictions are all treated, and soon Dominic plans to open further outlets and clinics in other countries.

Rosario's immediate goal with Yadira is to become a Reiki Master and to add those healing skills and knowledge to her repertoire. In the fullness of time, she hopes to take what she has learned back to her son's clinics in Ecuador and, as a Reiki Master herself, to then pass on that knowledge to the helpers and healers there, and to any others who might be in need.

For now though, the Reiki Master training needs to wait a while longer. It is time for Rosario to take her Reiki II class and there is only enough time for one final question.

I ask Rosario why she chose Yadira to receive her Reiki training. She merely giggles, and says only that somehow she was drawn to her.

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