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The ONE Center: How an angel answered my prayers

She may balk at the angelic reference, but to me, Robin Duncan, founder of The ONE Center and Executive Director of The Miracle Center of California, has shown the kind of vision, kindness, and selflessness that is very difficult for me to associate with anything else. The ONE Center is the place where I very gratefully provide many of my Reiki services, and the provision of this wonderful space is all thanks to her, so here is a little story about it.

Story by Yadira / Lake Forest, California / November 19 2007

Robin Duncan

Robin Duncan

Image: Courtesy The Miracle Center of California

Every so often, things come about in such an unexpected way that you have to wonder whether we are all part of some great scheme and are all being gently urged to follow a certain path. Sometimes, these things happen to be prompted by people close to us, and other times they are the result of complete strangers whose actions ripple out from the center of some great unseen pond. When the wavelets reach us, the effects can sometimes be life–changing.

This is the story of one such stranger. When the ripples reached me, I knew that some day soon I would be writing about the angelic soul who reached out to me across the waters.

This is that story.

Little miracles happen when you least expect them

Robin Duncan is the founder of The ONE Center and Executive Director of The Miracle Center of California — these titles are testimony to her success as a person capable not just of having dreams, but of building on those dreams until they become a reality that reaches out to touch the lives of many in a deeply profound way.

But I became aware of The ONE Center, and of Robin's involvement, quite by chance.

It all started very shortly after I had made up my mind that healing people through Reiki, and teaching them how to heal themselves, was something that I really had to do. I say “had to” not in the sense that I was being forced into it in any way, but because I felt deep inside that it was something that I really needed to do. I felt an urge, or perhaps some kind of natural instinct, to move in this direction; somehow, and yet with my full consent, I was being driven towards it.

I was also certain by that time that I wanted to make Reiki available to everyone — not just to those who could afford whatever the current going rate for healings and classes was, but truly for everyone, irrespective of their material means and circumstances. I wanted even the most disadvantaged to be able to receive help. Indeed, if it was within my power to do so, I wanted to never have to say no, and to never have to turn anyone away.

As a consequence, it became abundantly clear to me that voluntary donations was definitely the way that I would be offering all of my services to people.

So the search began in earnest to find somewhere where I could regularly practice. And that was when the doubts and worries started to flood into me like an unstoppable avalanche.

 “The answer came to me in the form of a disembodied, echoing and distant chanting sound...” 

It was one thing to have a vision of helping people that would be achieved voluntarily and without having a fixed income to support it, but quite another to face the material reality of high rental prices for a place from which to provide that help.

This felt wrong though. I knew this was what I had to do. But I could not see how on earth I was going to achieve what I needed to achieve. How could it be that I could see so clearly what I needed to do, and yet not be able to get there?

The answer came to me in the form of a disembodied, echoing and distant chanting sound, almost lost in the freshening breeze, but definitely there. As if to reinforce the demands of those intruding sounds, I could physically feel a strange sensation probing me around my waist.

I snapped out of my bewildered trance to realize that the sound was just my cell phone ringing with one of its bizarre melodies, and that the probing sensation was of course just the phone vibrating.

“Hello?” I said. It was a friend of mine who I hadn't spoken to in a long time, and I hadn't got round to telling her what I had been planning to do with Reiki all this time. The first thing she said was “Guess what I've found?” To cut the conversation short, she was raving about a class she had taken at a really nice place where a lot of the events were being given without charge by volunteers who just wanted to help people...

My heart skipped a beat.

Things pretty much clicked into place right after that. I travelled to The ONE Center and straight away became one of their “Gift Providers”, or one of their “people helping people” as they are also fond of saying.

Of course I immediately wanted to know who had been the person responsible for bringing such a place to fruition; who had been the one to show me and so many others such generosity and kindness. It was of course, Robin Duncan.

I am so very grateful to Robin for having had her vision, and for having welcomed me into The ONE Center right at the very moment that I needed it. I thank her, and everyone else that helped to make it a reality.

I started my story by saying that I found The ONE Center by chance. In hindsight, I have to say that it was the will of something greater. I am no great believer in coincidences — everything happens for a reason.

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